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Benefits Of Adopting A Pet

Benefits Of Adopting A Pet

You are saving a life

Adopting a dog from the shelter is a rewarding experience considering you are giving those poor dogs another chance at life from a previous life filled with abandonment, loneliness, neglect, and even more disturbing circumstances, all of which being none of the pet’s problem. It is heartbreaking to know that shelters often euthanize many unadopted healthy dogs in order to avoid overcrowding as well.

You will save money

When dogs are placed in shelters, they are mandatorily vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered, saving you significant costs from getting such procedures done at the vet. Moreover, the prices of rescuing a dog from the shelter are zero to very little as compared to the ridiculous rates charged by breeders.


Helping to eradicate puppy mills

Puppy mills or farms are hell for dogs with the sole intention of treating the dog to unbearable circumstances just for breeding. The puppies produced from such cruel conditions are the ones often supplied to pet shops. Puppy mills are maintained solely for maximizing profit without any regard for the dogs kept there. Rescuing dogs from shelters helps prevent such hideous practices, and moreover, you are providing a home to a pet that has been through a lot.

Can make you happier and improve your health

Many significant studies reveal that having pets in your life can benefit you both physically and mentally. Dogs are perfect companions for outdoor games and moreover playing with such happy souls release levels of serotonin and dopamine which enable you to feel much more content and calm. Dogs build a special relationship with their masters and showing unconditional affection which helps tackle and prevent issues of depression, anxiety, and other mental illness.

Can benefit children

Rescuing an unwanted and abandoned dog from the shelter can teach kids many valuable lessons at such an early stage. A sense of empathy, ownership, responsibilities, sense of companionship through thick and thin can benefit children and teach them a lot.

Many of the animals are housetrained

It is a fact that many of the dogs present in shelter homes are previously trained, particularly aged dogs and saves you the time and effort from reinitiating such training.

Unconditional love

It is said that dogs are capable of understanding when being rescued, and this simple fact builds an unbreakable bond of pure affection and love between dog and human. The dogs that have known the worst of the worst tend to show the most affection as they cherish every moment spend with its human.

Older animals can become the best companions

Older pets will have developed distinct personalities and would likely be trained in the past as well. Adopting such senior pets is beneficial as they do not demand constant attention and rather dwell in your company. Moreover, they don’t require the time and effort needed for training.

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