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Best Dog Breeds For Kids And Families

Best Dog Breeds For Kids And Families


Bulldogs are a docile, loyal and lovable breed to have around little ones and in households. Since these dogs are muscularly built, playing rough with them is possible without the fear of them getting hurt and reacting back is removed. Bear in mind, such a breed is not the most active, as they tend to be quite the couch potatoes. Overall, the breed is apt for a household that sees many visitors and loves to socialize with other humans and fellow dogs alike.


Beagles are the perfect breed if you want your kids to play with the dog outdoors and get a lot of physical exercises. Due to their minimal size, sturdy build, and calm behavior, beagles are perfect to have around the kids since they possess a never-ending love for playing games and love outdoor exploration.

Bull Terrier

Contrary to the common misconception of the public, the Bull Terriers are perfect and loyal companions for both kids and adults alike. These dogs love physical activity and are bound to get you and your kids out in the sun and enjoying the breeze.  Since these dogs have a solid build, high pain tolerance and caring for younger ones, they are apt for children who are learning how to take care of dogs.


Commonly known as Lassie, the Collie breed of dogs are perfect family dogs considering they have unquestioning loyalty, quite easy to train, always want to please their master, never misbehave and protect its family. Collies are particularly possessive and extremely caring about young kids.


One of the most intelligent breeds, the Newfoundland breed of dogs is large dogs possessing gentleman-like behavior. They are highly intelligent, caring and gentle with kids and adults, kind and have a high level of patience. Such dogs are nicknamed the Mother Teresa of dogs characterized by their gentle nature.


Not a common breed name heard among households; the Vizsla is, in fact, great pets to have inside active and energetic homes. Characteristics such as gentleness, obedience, full of energy and affectionate with family make the Vizsla breed a favorite.

Irish Setter

Distinguished for its beautiful red coat, Irish Setters are obedient, energy driven and loves to play outdoors with kids. Bear in mind that this breed cannot spend time by itself and loves to be surrounded by family and moreover loves to socialize.


Poodles are come in different sizes and are often known for their flamboyant haircuts. Poodles are great companions since they are gentle, intelligent, rarely misbehave, obedient, socialize well with others and loves being around kids. For households in fear of children gaining allergies from hair shed, poodles are right for you since they shed very minimally.

Labrador Retriever

Undoubtedly one of the most famous dog breeds, Labrador Retrievers are excellent family dogs since they are affectionate, caring, gentle, protective and reliable. Moreover, they are excellent swimmers making them great companions while exploring the outdoors.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are the perfect companions for kids since they are very patient, well behaved, gentle, highly intelligent, confident and extremely loyal. Moreover, great companions while playing outdoors.

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